Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Enrichment Curriculum

At Oasis Academy Boulton every child has the chance to access a variety of enriching experiences from Nursery through to Year 6. We build this into day-to-day lessons but also through organising special events, day trips, visits and family events.

Alongside our standard lessons in school, we work hard to make sure that each child at our academy makes long lasting memories, both to reinforce learning but also to promote a love of education and fondness for school life. We want our children to leave us filled with a wealth of happiness and feeling confident for the next stages of their education. To do this we enrich our curriculum with school trips, visits from local community figures and notable authors, musical opportunities and many more. 

One of our key enrichment programmes is our Roots to Fruits programme. Work with a team of people who specialise in out door learning and forest school. Once a week children have the opportunity to go outside and learn about the  world through an exciting and interesting programme tailored specifically to the needs of our children.

Our Enrichment Curriculum does exactly what it says, it delivers an enriched curriculum so that our pupils broad range of unique skills which helps create a holistic learner for life. This curriculum consists of teachers selecting an enrichment of their choice, this enrichment unit can change every term or every year depending on what the final outcome is. For example, the mosaic enrichment was a year long plan to develop the school playground and outdoor area.

Our Enrichment Curriculum consists of the following activities:  

Staff Year Group Activity Where?
Mrs Hanif All Gym Outside gym
Mrs Rai All Ball games KS1 playground
Miss Narhar All Arts and crafts Y4 Classroom
Miss Barqadle All Drama Y3 Classroom
Mr Ladwa All Kick Cricket Field/KS2 playground
Miss Diane All Painting Y6 Classroom
Dance Exchange All Dance Hall
Mrs Foley KS2 (12) Sewing Y5 Classroom
Wildlife Club Y4/5 Wildlife club Outdoors
Mrs Vadukul All Bhangra Inside gym
Miss Whorrie All Art project Y1 Classroom
Adam Holder Y6 RTF Outdoors

   Please link on the link below to see an example of our planning for Enrichment:

Enrichment Planning

Wildlife Club

Photography Enrichment

Army Camp Enrichment


DanceXchange is a Birmingham-based dance organisation dedicated to making and showing great dance. Children at Oasis Academy Boulton work with local artists and the wider community in creative project based work.  As an art form, dance can transform the way we see the world.  DanceXchange offers our both curriculum and cultural enrichment opportunities, helping our children to thrive, develop resilience and grow their individuality through creative self-expression.  By working with local dancers Oasis Academy Boulton aims to make dance as widely accessible as possible. We want everybody to enjoy the positive transformations dance creates and contribute to community enjoyment and well-being.

Watch our DanceXchange video here: