Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

Oasis Academy Boulton is driven by a powerful ethos which aspires to treat everyone inclusively and recognises the importance of a holistic approach to education.  As well as continuing to build a strong Academy and deliver a first-class education, it is also our desire to build an interconnected community, recognising that educational needs do not exist in isolation from the needs of the whole person.

Experiences, Nurture, Success

Our vision is to provide a rich education where all children can fulfill their potential. Through access to a wide range of experiences, we aim to provide an emotionally secure environment where all children learn how to manage their feelings, be a good citizen and belong as pat of their community. 

The combination of nurturing key life skills and emphasising wellbeing through holding high expectations for every individual will establish a strong foundation for our children's future success. 

At Oasis Academy Boulton we aim to:

  • Create a happy, stimulating, caring learning environment where risk taking and challenge is encouraged
  • Awaken and nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime and provide everyone with the skills to pursue that learning independently and collaboratively
  • Enable everyone to reach the highest standard of which they are capable, academically and in other fields such as sport, arts and culture
  • Encourage all learners to develop their own interests, passions, enthusiasms, creativity and individuality
  • Help learners to understand and care about the world in which they live, and to believe in their ability and responsibility to change that world to make it better
  • Empower learners to develop a strong sense of right and wrong, good and bad, equality and justice. Give them the inner strength to act according to these values
  • Provide learners with the skills and understanding to live a healthy, successful life, physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Foster respect, tolerance and love for others, regardless of race, gender, religion or difference, within a framework of equality of opportunity and fairness
  • Help learners to appreciate human achievements and aspirations and to believe in their own potential to attain great things
  • Promote a feeling of pride and confidence in learners’ identities; as individuals, as members of our academy, as part of the local community and as citizens of the world

Culture Vision

Boulton is a positive team of professionals who hold high expectations for children and colleagues. By fostering a growth mindset, all at Boulton will be honest and open about learning, unafraid to take risks and be open about mistakes - celebrating them as opportunities to learn and grow. 

By holding one another in professional high regard, all at Boulton will give and receive developmental feedback to ensure excellence and compassion for the children we serve.